Build APIs with NoCode at Lightning Speed.

We provide you with building blocks of logic that you can connect together to create Secure and Scalable APIs in minutes.

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Feeling Stuck due to limitations in other NoCode tools?

Craftar let's you build an API to bypass these restrictions. We make it super easy to create custom business logic and call it from any popular NoCode tool. The best part, you can do all of this without writing a single line of code.

How It Works

Go from Idea to API in minutes

Our awesome features
Create API using Nodes

Nodes are like lego blocks that you can connect to create your own custom API. You can choose from 100's of pre-made nodes and the list is growing every week.

Our awesome features
Test and Publish your API with one click

Your API is secure, scalable and all it takes to go live is a click of a button. We take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Our awesome features
Use your API in other NoCode tools

Connect your API to your existing NoCode projects seamlessly, Build your API once on Craftar and use it across all platforms.

How to build an Airtable to Slack Api in 2 Minutes with 4 Blocks

Works with all the popular NoCode Tools

What can you build?

We have 100's of pre-built nodes and more get added every week.

Workflow Automation

Connect tools and exchange data between them, all as a reusable API.

Machine Learning

Add Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Speech Processing abilities to your apps.


Build Chatbots, Discord bots and Slack bots

Data Pipelines

Clean your data, run custom data formatting logic as an API

Data Visualization

Visualize and create reports from your data all within the dashboard and as an API.

And Many More

We are constantly listening to our users and working with them to create nodes that can solve their problems.

Build the Next Generation of NoCode Projects

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